Binda Movement 5


July 11–21, 2024

ape Gallery

Northampton, MA

Gallery Hours: Wed–Sun 12-5; Fri: 12-8
Closed Mon & Tues

Opening Fri July 12, 5–8 pm

a shared, spiraling journey of provocation and mutation

Laugh blood cloud


The name Helices, the plural of “helix,” references both the structure of DNA and the word “Ulysses,” the hero of the epic poem The Odyssey. The name was chosen to evoke both a mythic journey and the twining, creative, evolutionary nature of the work. Helices includes 2D and 3D visual art, writing, songwriting, music production, and videography. 

12 movements, 2 crossing threads
of provocation & response

The project is structured into twelve movements, each roughly two weeks long. Each movement culminates in a “cross” (the strands of the spiral coming together), where the artists exchange and discuss whatever responses they have created to the previous cross. This process of provocation, response, and switch is repeated each movement.

Jenny’s response in movement

becomes the provocation for…

Binda’s response in movement

which becomes the provocation for…

Jenny’s response in movement

and so on

In the meantime, the second helix spirals the other way (Binda 1 > Jenny 2 > Binda 3 > etc.)

Both threads begin with our initial meeting, when Binda first proposed the project.